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  • Disinfecting Herbal Steam Blend – USA & Canada

    Each bag contains 10 steams. 100% organic, compostable packaging.

    The disinfecting herbal blend is indicated when there is an damp-natured infection present (please make sure you do not qualify first for hemostatic herbs or second for cooling herbs as they take priority.) Those experiencing BV, UTIs, HPV and yeast infections that come with discharge could benefit from this herbal blend.

    Helps disinfect and dry irregular discharge.

  • Disinfecting Herbs

    Thoughtfully developed blend of quality organic herbs. This formula is appropriate if experiencing active infections or viruses. If you have short menstrual cycles and infections then this Disinfecting herbal blend PLUS the Gentle Herb blend is appropriate.

    The Disinfecting herb formula is a blend formulated by Steamy Chick and is now under inHeritage Herbs. No changes have been made to the formula.


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