Womb Medicine

The Womb Medicine Book, Cards and Journal contains the vital information that many of us, myself included did not receive as young women. It is the education that every young girl, teenager, mother and grandmother needs to know and share with each other and the next generations who God willing will grow up unashamed of their bodies, aware of the magic of their menstrual cycle and able to take responsibility for their health, happiness and wellbeing as they walk this path of being in a female body. Be the Change you wish to see in the World.

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Womb Medicine the Trilogy, Book, Cards and Journal:
“Womb Medicine, The Art of Yoni Steaming for Women” is the book I wrote to find out more about yoni steaming. Now in its second edition, it is everything you need to know about steaming, the herbs to use, how to D.I.Y at home, the benefits of this time honoured practice and includes testimonials from women. Written in easy conversational style it contains the vital information that many of us did not receive as young women and reminds us of how powerful we are when we connect to our body and tune into the sacred feminine aspect of our womb space.

The Womb Medicine Healing cards
The Womb Medicine cards evolved as a companion to the book and is a beautiful 59 card deck that will help you grow, heal and listen to the wisdom of your Wise Inner Womb. Pick a card and receive a message from the herbs, crystals & nurturing practices that support womb health, as well as counsel from the wise womb herself.

The Womb Medicine Journal, Your Guide to Manifesting with the Moon & your Menstrual cycle:
Your Womb Medicine Journal is a unique blend of diary, journal, menstrual tracker & moon. As you observe the phases of the moon every month this perpetual journal offers you an opportunity to tune into your mind, womb, and menstrual cycle. Record your thoughts and feelings as well as your ideas, dreams, visions and intentions for the month to come. Track your menstrual cycle, and observe your physical and emotional changes, ponder your moods, energy levels, productivity and food cravings, and then look back and notice how these patterns may repeat themselves as you ebb and flow as a woman.


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