Sauna V LLC


Through yoni steaming I found relief from painful period cramps, PMS, and chronic infections. I set out to learn everything I could about steaming, found Steamy Chick, got certified, and began sharing my radical transformation with other women.

During this time I wanted to steam in the comfort and privacy of my home so my husband and I put our heads together and designed the world’s first vaginal steam sauna that is portable, collapsible, slides-together in seconds, holds over 600 lbs, and ships flat. Now more commonly known as The Sauna V Steam Seat which has sold thousands worldwide. 

I began receiving questions from hundreds of vaginal steam practitioners in regards to the success of the sauna and created business coaching programs and offering wholesale prices on The Sauna V Steam Seat to help other women create profitable yoni steam businesses and revenue streams in the online space. 

Our mission: Make vaginal steaming more accessible to all by providing the most durable, convenient, affordable yoni seat. 

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