Yoni Steam Seat Cushion

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Kitara’s Yoni Steam Seat Cushions – Designed for all Kitara Yoni Steam Seats
First and only of its kind: Featuring 100% organic materials and a removable and washable slipcover.

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Featuring 100% Organic materials and an easily removable and washable slipcover.

Kitara’s Yoni Steam Seat Cushion’s slipcovers:

Natural: Kitara’s Yoni Steam Seat Cushion’s slipcover is a percale sateen with pure combed, ring-spun organic cotton yarn. Boasting a high thread count, it is super smooth and luxurious enough for 5-star hotel bedding.

Petal: Beautiful, bright, broadcloth tc 120.

All Organic and GOTS certified!

Kitara’s Yoni Steam Seat Cushion’s Insert:

Kitara’s Yoni Steam Seat Cushion’s insert is made of 100% organic cotton and 100% organic cotton stuffing.

100% Organic Cotton Stuffing
100% organic cotton fiber (has been fluffed)
Grown and milled in the USA
GOTS Certified
Kitara’s Yoni Steam Seat Cushion’s Thread:

We’ve considered every component and we have chosen a GOTS-certified, 100% Organic Cotton, parrafin-free thread.

Organic cotton is not affected by needle heat, pressing or steaming, the thread strength increases when it is wet.


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Kit Maloney is the founder of Kitara. She is an advanced Certified Vaginal Steam Practitioner with over two decades of experience as an activist and entrepreneur in the world of women’s health. She lives in a small town in Maine and she is driven by her mission of a yoni steam seat in every home, worldwide.

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