Steaming Dress Pampered


Steaming Dress Pampered


Simple and comfortable steaming dresses that are spacious and long enough to allow you to take advantage of the effect of herbal steam to the fullest. Thanks to the dress design, you can use it exposing the skin of your body to the steam either on one the part or the entire body, which creates an effect of a home steam sauna.
The dress can be worn in three ways:
– As a skirt – You only steam the pelvic area
– Tied above your breasts – The herbal steam and heat can reach the skin of almost of the entire body.
You let the herbal steam and heat affect the skin of almost your entire body. This helps to hydrate the skin and open the pores and overall detoxification and removal of harmful substances from the body.
– Tied to the neck – The herbal steam and heat reaches the skin of your entire body. This helps to moisturize the skin and open the pores supporting the detoxification of your entire body.
The dress is made of natural cotton and has a simple cut for your maximum comfort.
You can choose from several fabric patterns and two sizes. We have a limited number of pieces in stock as we like to change the fabrics and offer you a variety of patterns regularly.
The dress is equipped with a weaver and a zipper. Each dress has its own decorative edging, so each individual piece is an original.
After use, you can simply wash it in the washing machine, store in the cabinet and have it ready for the next use.
We offer the dresses in two sizes, to fit women of all shapes and sizes comfortably.
Dimension: S/L width 105 cm, length 160 cm
XL width 155 cm, length 160 cm
Material: 100 % cotton
Manufacturer: MPJ brand


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