PH20: Understanding OB/GYN and Vaginal Steam

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Understanding the historical and contemporary field of OBGYN medicine as a steam practitioner offering alternative and complimentary care.

5 reviews for PH20: Understanding OB/GYN and Vaginal Steam

  1. Stephanie

    Essential course! I feel much more confident after this course in navigating conversations with clients about the gynecological care they are receiving elsewhere. Through this course, I also am beginning to see the myriad of ways that steaming can be integrated into the broader conversation around menstruation and women’s health.

  2. Diana

    I love how Keli always goes into details, sharing much needed knowledge around for example medical terms, clinical references, historical and contemporary perspectives, women’s health advocacy organizations. And of course the possibility to work TOGETHER with OB/GYNs

  3. Tineke

    Great course with lots of info about OB/GYN treatments. Makes me I wanna contact OB/GYNs in my area to work with because we have lots of wisdom to share 😊

  4. Cynthia

    Really important and thorough course! The historical and contemporary perspectives on ob/gyn medicine were eye-opening and useful to understand. I was also glad to learn about women’s health advocacy organizations and much more. Great course!!

  5. Nadia Fakhoury (verified owner)

    Thorough Course!

    This course was very dense with information and I feel so much more educated on the different treatments/procedures/medications clients may be on. I have much more knowledge of how to create a steam plan for someone who is also working with an OB GYN.

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