PH19: Postmenopause Vaginal Steaming

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Advanced steam therapy plans for post-menopausal health.


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Advanced steam therapy plans for post-menopausal health.

11 reviews for PH19: Postmenopause Vaginal Steaming

  1. Nicole (verified owner)

    An excellent course to learn about menopause and how steaming supports women who are post-menopause.

  2. Bella (verified owner)

    I truly loved this lesson. I honestly can inform my family friends and clients why it is so good to steam pass your cycle years. Thank you for the words to help them understand what I have been trying to tell them all along.

  3. Julia (verified owner)

    i learned a lot about post menopause from this class. I look forward to supporting post menopausal people in this way. i am happy to have taken this class so i can prepare for that stage of my life (even if it’s decades away!)

  4. Melissa

    This course was really helpful for seeing how to apply everything we have learned so far to help people that no longer menstruate. Steaming is definitely beneficial, and it’s good to know what to recommend when we don’t have a period to analyze.

  5. Theresa (verified owner)

    Wonderful to know that steaming is useful in many ways post-period.

  6. Sina

    Every woman should learn about steaming so that it becomes a habit because it has so many benefits in every stage of a woman’s life.

  7. Tineke

    So interesting !! Pelvic steam is great for women in all stages of life. This course has the evidence for that. Love it!!

  8. Cynthia

    So helpful and interesting!! I especially appreciated the discussion about the kidneys and how keeping them moisturized with yin tonics can keep us healthy and youthful. Thoroughly enjoyed this course!!

  9. Devin (verified owner)


    This course was really educational and I appreciated all of the knowledge about what is to come. Much like menstruation in our society, we don’t really know very much about postmenopause and what to expect from our bodies. Thank you Keli for shining light on this!

  10. Bärbel (verified owner)

    Postmenopause steaming

    I love this corse because I think it is so importend to care for the womb space in this age. Not bleeding any more doesn´t mean not to be vulnerable at this place!

  11. Adrienne (verified owner)

    Excellent Presentation

    This class made me feel better equipped to work with post menopausal clients. I am finding that more and more in this age group are reaching out for services and I feel prepared to serve them in the best way possible even though I don’t have first hand experiencing living in this life stage.

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