PH15: Vaginal Steaming for Fertility

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Advanced steam therapy plans for a fertile reproductive cycle with emphasis on unexplained infertility and anovulation.

13 reviews for PH15: Vaginal Steaming for Fertility

  1. Andrea (verified owner)

    Great course with lots of information around steaming and fertility!
    Love that the focus is to support the body into health which helps to get pregnant and not just focus on getting pregnant no matter what…

  2. Jolyn (verified owner)

    Insightful course! Highly recommended.
    So helpful to understand the different reasons for infertility and how to work with steaming for women’s unique bodies for successful implantation.

  3. Sina

    What a great course. This knowledge should be brought to a lot of women. Thank you Keli!

  4. Marisa

    Wow what a wealth of knowledge in this course. The interview with Dr Laurena White was so eye opening and has given me so much hope for the future of women’s health. I’m excited to have the opportunity of helping women on their reproductive journeys with a method that has such a high success rate.

  5. Cynthia

    I love this course! Looking at fertility though the lens of the standard healthy menstrual cycle makes all the sense in the world!! Once we know our bodies and help our uteruses to be at optimal health, fertility comes easy. This wisdom should be shared with all women!!!

  6. Tineke

    Wow, another amazing course!! How women can boost their fertility with steaming and how I as a practitioner can guide them in this Wonderfull process. I am doing this with my clients now and it is amazing. Thank you Keli ❤️

  7. Devin (verified owner)

    Labor Prep

    This course was amazing!! I specifically appreciated all of the tips on how to help prepare the body to go into labor. Many women play the waiting game and get anxious if there is pressure from her medical staff. This knowledge helps to bring the experience back into her control!

  8. Adrienne (verified owner)

    Hope for Women Everywhere

    This class is amazing and I have had the privilege of seeing the information in this course work to get women pregnant and its very inspiring. Thank you, Keli for sharing this wisdom and giving hope to women who often find themselves hopeless trying to have a family.

  9. Lara (verified owner)


    I have taken a realy long road of infertility. Right now it has passed 8 years and 6 months. The course has opened my eyes about a whole bunch of other new information, but I know I would not understood half of it, if not have gained vaginal facilitator certification prior.

  10. zaire sabb (verified owner)

    game changer

    This class has truly changed my perspective on what it takes to have a healthy pregnancy and gives true meaning to “preparing” for pregnancy.

  11. Micheala Sanders (verified owner)

    I wish there was more

    This course was easy to navigate and the time management was comfortable. Keli Garza has so much knowledge, I wanted to learn more. The video lecture doesn’t have a consistent sound quality, so watch it or listen to it without any background noise or distractions or you miss a lot of information. It was a stress free learning experience.

  12. Kiana Samuel (verified owner)

    Loved this course!!

    This course was amazing!

  13. Mary Harris (verified owner)


    Loved this course. Easy to understand and put into practice.

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