PH08: Vaginal Steaming for Labor Preparation

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Advanced steam therapy plans for natural labor readiness.


-Natural Conditions for Labor Readiness

-Benefits of Steaming for Labor Preparation

-Modified Steam Setup for Labor Prep

-When to Start Steaming

-Labor Prep Steam Schedule

-Steaming During Active Labor (stalled labor, cervix not dilating, long labor, pain management)

-10 Profiles of Steaming During Labor

-10 Practice Scenarios


Midwife Raquel Lemus Coaxitlalli  (Discussing steaming in relation to gestational diabetes, preeclampsia, induction pressure, placenta previa, Group B Strep)

Doula Monika Valova (discussing how she brought steaming into hospital maternity wards in the Czech Republic)



Pregnant Parents

Steam Practitioners


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Advanced steam therapy plans for natural labor readiness.

79 reviews for PH08: Vaginal Steaming for Labor Preparation

  1. Tuesday (verified owner)

    I learned a huge amount from this course

  2. Juanita (Summer)

    I am a mama of 4 and have steamed in late pregnancy and during labor for both of my last births and I do believe that it was a major player in my peaceful and empowering births at home and unassisted. Thank you Kelli! The question and comment section was really helpful too!

  3. Marie (verified owner)

    I LOVE pregnancy, labor and delivery! This course was so fun for me to utilize what I already know as a Prenatal Yoga educator and now be able to add to my expertise to support women on their journey. I feel so honored to know that not only can steaming help women to heal postpartum but that steaming can support their body and baby during Labor time. Thank you Keli!

  4. Sherrae

    What an amazing course! I will be using this information not only for my clients but myself as well. So much insightful material, I definitely suggest taking this course.

  5. Nava Ghalili-Wuorenma (verified owner)

    I wish I did this course for my first birth. I wish nurses and midwives were trained in this in ever hospital! Grateful for this and for Keli!

  6. Shavona (verified owner)

    I have been steaming clients for a little over three years and was ready to take my business to the next level. Therefore, I decided to take this course and offer labor and deliver steaming as a service. I feel confident that I can provide future expecting mothers with beneficial steam plans, due to taking this course.

  7. KJ (verified owner)

    I think the course is very informative. The interviews were quite insightful. I think the information is great for those who are interested in their own home birth, peristeam practictioners/hydrotherapists and doulas (who aren’t necessarily birth doulas).

  8. Myah

    As a doula this course is extremely resourceful.

  9. Joanne Broederlow (verified owner)

    Love the course so helpful with my tool kit to offer women as a birth keeper here in Australia. Thanks Keli 💗

  10. Nala Weiss (verified owner)

    Great class! I learned a lot and feel excited to help women!

  11. Ashley Janay (verified owner)

    As a first-time mama who loves steaming before pregnancy, this course has taught me a lot and what I can add to my birthwork as well.

  12. Von

    Walking away with so much confidence in knowing how to support any birthing mother best! Loved that it is self-paced.

  13. Ana Stojanovic (verified owner)

    Very good course, and informative. I like scenarios because I had a chance to check what did I learn. I would recommend this course to all birth workers!

  14. Evi

    Really important knowledge that every woman should have

  15. Pakalana (verified owner)

    This course is packed with lots of great and easy-to-understand information. Keli does a wonderful job at explaining things & the practice scenarios help a lot as well. Mahalo!

  16. Briar Huggett (verified owner)

    I learnt a lot in this course and really look forward to utilising steam in the birth of my second child (wish i had known this info for my first labor). I am also looking forward to assisting friends and family in their labors if they are open to it.

  17. Brandi White (verified owner)

    I really enjoyed the labor course. Keli gave great information that was easy to understand. I look forward to steaming my clients for labor as well as taking more courses.

  18. Aisha (verified owner)

    Very informative and easy to understand. Great resource for any birth worker!

  19. Faaizah Patel (verified owner)

    Excellent resource for those working with pregnant women in supporting them through labour

  20. Mary Phan (verified owner)

    Great information for birth workers and all women in general.

  21. Carina Appl (verified owner)

    Learned a lot. Thx. Want to learn more and start using it 🙂

  22. Wyonette (verified owner)

    Been really excited to finally take this course! Very necessary if your a birth worker!

  23. Christina Harris (verified owner)

    I believe this is a must for all Birth professionals.

  24. Kellie (verified owner)

    As a doula, I enjoy learning new information, in particular when it comes to pregnancy and postpartum steaming. This is a great addition to the doula toolkit. I too enjoyed reading the additional comments from others. Always so much to learn.

  25. Tijana Pešić (verified owner)

    Everything was so informative and helpful! As a doula, I could easily connect everything I learned before, with Keli’s knowledge, and it resonates so much. I strongly believe steaming for labor is a game changer 💖

  26. Eboni Allen (verified owner)

    The comments really drove this home. This was such an extremely informative class. Steaming already changed my period so I’m excited to see how it can help my clients in labor.

  27. Sanjukta (verified owner)

    Really looking forward to applying this knowledge and providing support to expectant mothers in my area. Very informative and I love the work that Monika Valova is doing in the Czech Republic. Loved the interviews!

  28. Sonja (verified owner)

    This course was very informative. I just started a vaginal steaming business and I have gained so much knowledge from this course when utilizing steam for labor preparation. I will use this when talking to woman who are expecting and offer this service to them so they can have the best experience when giving birth!

  29. Valerie Farmer (verified owner)

    Extremely informative and I love the additional comments given by doulas and other experienced in all womb-care fields throughout the course.

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