PH02: Pelvic Steam and Your Anatomy

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Female anatomy with emphasis on how steam hydrotherapy interacts with different parts of the reproductive system.

42 reviews for PH02: Pelvic Steam and Your Anatomy

  1. Vidhya

    This course was soo beautiful! I have a whole new level of respect of the our body now!

  2. Jill (verified owner)

    In depth detail, and Raquel does a great job putting the pieces together to see the big picture about how our parts interact with each other and steam.

  3. KJ (verified owner)

    Loved this course! Very informative and allows for a deeper, technical understanding of how steaming affects & is beneficial to the female genitalia.

  4. Chloe

    Loved this course! Lots of, what might seem technical, information was communicated in such an open and clear way, that it didn’t feel overwhelming. So beautifully lead by Raquel, with meaningful prompts to support further study and exploration of your own anatomy.

  5. Shari

    Raquel did an amazing job of teaching this course. Raquel combined skilled knowledge of the female anatomy with a relatable and personal perspective for a better understanding of our bodies. This knowledge helps with understanding the importance of steaming and how it impacts all of the areas of the body for healing.

  6. Amber (verified owner)

    This course is an excellent overview of female pelvic anatomy! Raquel does a great job explaining the physiology of tissues and how they may benefit from steaming. A lot of the information shared is pretty mind blowing for people who have never learned in so much detail about their pelvis.

  7. valarie

    The course was amazing I loved every part of it and as usual could not wait to move on to the next step. Very informative and loved the models and diagrams. Well done Raquel I learned a lot x

  8. Kim (verified owner)

    Wonderful course, I’m glad that this is included in the Peristeam Hydrotherapy program. A basic female anatomy course from a wise woman teacher. If every young woman took this course, she would be more empowered to take her health into her own hands.

  9. Marisa

    Raquel has done an amazing job of making bringing the female anatomy to life and connecting it all to the steaming and how this is benefiting so much. I first listened to the course about a year ago and was so intimidated with all of the content. I ordered a model and have been studying it for a while and coming back to the content a second time has made so much make sense. I’m also interested in abdominal massage and pelvic therapy so this course is fantastic in bringing the inside to life. I feel empowered knowing my own anatomy more intimately now.

  10. Christiannah Williams-Ehrman

    I really enjoyed this course with Raquel. You can tell she is really passionate about what she does and she is very knowledgeable. This is great course to take for all but especially birth-workers as this refreshes a lot of things but also brings a new perspective.

  11. Celia Lalasoa

    Really complete course!! All you need to know about the pelvic system , hormones, muscles…

  12. Solange

    I highly recommend anyone who is interested in vaginal health and vaginal steaming to pursue this course! Raquel thoroughly explains each lesson, I learned so much. This course is valuable for all persons who desire to understand pelvic anatomy better.

  13. Beth (verified owner)

    Raquel is an incredible teacher with so much compassion and wisdom embedded in these anatomy lessons! I’m a clinician and bodyworker for over 20 years and I’ve never learned the pelvic anatomy in such detail as this. I would recommend this class to anyone who wants to know about pelvic health for themselves or for their clients. Thank you Raquel!!! This was such a gift!

  14. Selena (verified owner)

    This course was a gentle introduction into female anatomy and how steaming effects different issues that many women have. Raquel was so smooth in her explanations and descriptions, I could listen with my eyes closed and visualize what she was describing. Then ending with self exploration with her gentle guidance was so powerful!

  15. Tineke

    So awesome!!!! All that a woman needs to know about her own body!! So empowering, soothing and loving. Deep bows for Raquel ❤️

  16. Aria (verified owner)

    Best Anatomy Guide!
    Raquel is by far the best anatomy guide I’ve ever experienced. There is SO much going on when it comes to understanding the uterus and what is supporting it (the pelvic bowl, internal and external genitalia, hormones, glands, tissues, sphincters, follicles, fluids, emotions, layers upon layers of muscles and ligaments, etc etc) it can be absolutely overwhelming and it is no wonder there is so much mystery surrounding it. Raquel breaks it all down, and takes you on this journey, in the most gentle, fun, and insightful way. I’ve come out of it with so many profound visual references and illuminated thoughts! I feel absolutely empowered and only hope more humans get to experience the “lightbulb moments” that this course offers for themselves.

  17. Theresa (verified owner)

    How wonderful to receive this important education! Every person needs to understand their anatomy. I feel empowered and excited!

  18. Sina Bruzi (verified owner)

    Pelvic Steaming and your Anatomy

    Loved the course. Anatomy explained in a very easy and understandable way. Thank you Raquel!

  19. Skylar Crowley (verified owner)

    Female Anatomy and Steaming Basics

    Wow. This course was truly life changing. The instructor of the course, Raquel, is just absolutely amazing with explain all of the content and creating such a calming yet informative space to venture into female anatomy! Easy to understand, calming voice, delivered perfectly. Raquel does an amazing job responding and offering her insight! LOVE!

  20. Kailani Rodde (verified owner)

    Anatomy course

    This class was filled with so much highly important and useful information. I wish this was the information that was taught in high school health classes!

  21. Diana Damian (verified owner)

    Pelvic Steaming and your anatomy

    This course is a must for each and everyone. This is how I wished I learnt about anatomy back in school, including the self exploration prompt at the end! It all makes so much sense, our body makes so much sense, thank you Raquel!

  22. Andrea Paulat (verified owner)

    Pelvic steaming and your anatomy

    Great course with lots of valuable information on women´s anatomy. Good combination of videos, script and diagraphs put altogether by Raquel, a very gentle, empathic and knowledgeable person.

  23. Bridget (verified owner)


    Great course. Good for anyone wanting to be informed of the female anatomy. I’d recommend this course to anyone who wants to teach their daughters (or sons!) female anatomy.

  24. Stephanie C Cosby (verified owner)

    The Basics You Never Knew

    Seriously mind blowing how intricate and wonderful our internal and external female anatomy is. I have a whole new respect and understanding for how it all connects and functions, and am excited to make many, many connections as I keep digesting this information. I really loved the energy of the class and discussions with Raquel and fellow students in the comments sections.

  25. Teresa (verified owner)

    Basics of Female Anatomy and Vaginal Steaming

    This course was very informational and I’ve learned things that I feel we should have been taught in Health/Sex Ed when we were in school! I’ve learned so much more about our womb and just how powerful they are along with steaming! Thank you!

  26. Najma Jones (verified owner)

    Course 105

    This course was extremely beneficial. A must for those who are trying to expand their knowledge when it comes to steaming and helping women dig deeper into understanding the issues that they may have.

  27. Shanquila Sylve (verified owner)

    Basics of Female Anatomy

    WOW! This course was so in dept and full of information I have never known. I am now more intuned with my body thanks to this course!

  28. Habibah (verified owner)

    Basic of female anatomy

    Really enjoyed this module and learning the ins and outs of the female anatomy. The discussion with each lesson was great to read and added value! Would Def recommend to women who want to understand more about their bodies and how steaming impacts us

  29. Desiree Irvine (verified owner)

    Thorough and interesting

    Amazing, necessary information for everyone! Not only did I get an education on anatomy, but also function.

  30. Kiyanna (verified owner)

    Making Anatomy Easy

    This was such a fun course to go through and very easy to follow. I was more interested in this anatomy course than the one I took in college.

  31. Chantal (verified owner)

    Basics of Female Anatomy

    A very thorough examination of female anatomy as it relates to the practice of womb steaming. Incredibly insightful with a refreshingly, empowering perspective.

  32. Anonymous (verified owner)


    Definitely one of the best anatomy classes I’ve ever taken. I usually struggle with online courses on this subject but everything was explained in digestible ways and the diagrams help clarify a lot.

  33. Nadia Fakhoury (verified owner)

    Basics of Female Anatomy

    Fascinating course! The anatomy often left out of classroom lessons

  34. Cynthia Rena (verified owner)

    Great Course and Instructor!

    This course helped me understand female anatomy in a way a regular anatomy never could. I learned so much and feel so much more confident about the inner workings of my own body. This will definitely help me as I work with clients and in my life. Thank you, Raquel, for your gentle, warm spirit through guiding us through this material!

  35. Monika Valová (verified owner)

    Basics of Female Anatomy for Vaginal Steam Practitioners

    This course is very useful for those, who want to understand
    what is going on in our body and how steaming impacts us. I had a lot of “AHA” moments and I really need them. 🙂

  36. Devin Grindrod (verified owner)

    Basics of Female Anatomy for Vaginal Steam Practitioners

    Raquel did an amazing job on this course! All of the material was well laid out and I like how she used language that was accessible to all levels of anatomical knowledge. This course is a must if you’re serious about being a steam practitioner!

  37. Lindsay (verified owner)


    It was mindblowing to learn how many parts there are to the internal and external genitalia, and about all the hormones, muscles, and ligaments! I had no idea how much was involved to make this magical area of our bodies work. It’s incredible!

  38. Melissa Hunter (verified owner)

    Lots of great info

    I thought I already knew a lot of this since I’m a birth worker, but this was full of great information that was very useful for me to understand (for myself and others). I liked all the visual aids in the videos and uploaded illustrations – so much better than just reading an anatomy textbook! I also liked how she kept relating the info to steaming.

  39. Bärbel (verified owner)

    Female Anatomy

    I already knew a lot About femal anatomy, but still learned a lot. Thank you for this Wonderful corse!

  40. Erika Best (verified owner)

    Anatomy Review

    This course is great! A great intro to pelvic anatomy for those who haven’t taken an A/P class before and good refresher for those that have.

  41. Nicole (verified owner)

    I learned so much!

    I absolutely loved this course and I learned so many fascinating things about female anatomy that were completely new to me! Raquel does a great job of answering questions and combining the clinical study of anatomy with the personal and intimate understanding of our own bodies.

  42. Kristina (verified owner)

    100% Recommend!

    I took this course as part of the peristeam hydrotherapy course, and to gain a deeper understanding beyond my more basic knowledge of female anatomy. I found Raquel’s teaching style grounded and very much enjoyable to listen to/ interact with. All women should have this level of knowledge about our own bodies. I would definitely recommend this course, and would be keen to do more courses offered by Raquel in the future:)

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