PH01: Menstrual Cycle Analysis: How to Read the Period

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Menstrual cycle analysis with emphasis on how to identify indicators of imbalance through menstrual observations. Practice includes self-assessment, menstrual cycle profiles and practice assessments.

This is the class where you will learn how to read the period as a monthly checkup and even be able to go back and use it to determine someone’s health history back to their first menstruation.


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Menstrual cycle analysis with emphasis on how to identify indicators of imbalance through menstrual observations. Practice includes self-assessment, menstrual cycle profiles and practice assessments.

This is the class where you will learn how to read the period as a monthly checkup and even be able to go back and use it to determine someone’s health history back to their first menstruation.

64 reviews for PH01: Menstrual Cycle Analysis: How to Read the Period

  1. Tania (verified owner)

    I am so excited for this whole program. Already with this program we are receiving the advanced level of information after finishing the Peristeam Facilitator program. This first course was thorough and definitely gives you the practice sessions you really need to lock in the info.

  2. KJ

    Very informative course. I like that it is self-paced and allows me the time to work around my schedule.

  3. Dominique (verified owner)

    Very informative. Interested and well balanced discussions with case studies to drive home knowledge

  4. Rhonda

    This course blew my mind! I can’t even think of the many things I never thought of or just was never taught. THIS course should be taught in early middle school for sure! Understanding what is coming out of your body and what it means for your health is of utmost importance. It should be a course for all children, not just girls.

  5. Shari

    Menstrual Cycle Analysis
    This foundation course sets the tone for helping to analyze and restore balance to the menstrual cycle. So much to learn and grateful for the information. Thank you!

  6. Chelsea (verified owner)

    Every course just gets better and better and full of so much information. I am hooked! So happy to have found this company! <3

  7. Wyonette

    The profile examples were very important to prep for some of those worse case scenarios. Did have a little set back when trying to correct my wrong answer. If there were 2 wrong both were highlighted. Fixed 1 answer. couple time the other 1 was correct, i just hit submit answer again and they both were correct.

  8. Carol-Ann (verified owner)

    This class was really helpful, a real eye-opener! I am now more confident in my reading of periods and their imbalances. Thanks for all the great infos, much gratitute for your work.

  9. Amber

    This course is so in depth and blends TCM and western approaches so well. I think if every person who menstruates had access to this information, more people would love their cycle and not feel so burdened by it.

  10. Kim (verified owner)

    Every Woman needs to take this course, it’s your body

  11. Celia Lalasoa

    A must take course! you’ll get the basics and fundamentals to analyse and read your and your client’s period.

  12. Selena (verified owner)

    This course is comprehensive and helps you to thoroughly understand imbalances!! Women need to know this information!!! I am grateful that I decided to take this course, Keli is amazing and helps you remember the information with her teaching style.

  13. SunnyMajeedah

    Most comprehensive course on this topic. Each practitioner will be very confident in addressing general issues with the period through vsteaming. Highly recommended

  14. Theresa (verified owner)

    This course blew my mind. All menstruators everywhere should know this info!!

  15. Anusooya (verified owner)

    Thank you! This was very thorough. I enjoyed the analysis of the different practice assignment. Amazing!

  16. Ashley

    Amazzzzing Class

  17. Kendra

    The menses analysis course was amazing! I was able to learn so much about my own cycle and I will be able to help others with the knowledge I gained through this course.

  18. Diana Damian (verified owner)

    Peristeam Hydrotherapist

    Are you wondering if it’s worthy to do the whole thing? Do it! You won’t regret it! It goes sooo much more in depth, for every scenario you can think of you get the right steam plan, as well as the right food and movement therapy to follow in order to address the issues. If you are working with clients, it’s a must! They will benefit. And you learn about the female anatomy from Raquel Lemus and how to stop excess bleeding from Kris Gonzalez.

  19. Claudia (Motherbaby Birth Services) (verified owner)

    Menstrual Cycle Analysis

    Absolutely amazing course. SO MUCH INFO! Learning so much and lovinggggg it!! I feel so honoured to be able to help women in this way. Thank you so much Steamy Chick!

  20. Roni Q Zilinski (verified owner)

    MCA 104

    Keli and Aquila are both very thorough with the questions they ask and making sure you know why each blend is being used to help address imbalances. The work they put into the spreadsheet is fantastic as well as Aquilahs excel document. I can not wait to build on this work!

  21. Kailani Rodde (verified owner)

    Menstrual Cycle Analysis

    The information provided in this course is fascinating and invaluable. So excited to continue on!

  22. Diana Damian (verified owner)

    Menstrual Cycle Analysis

    This analysis really goes deep into your menstrual cycle and period. Do you know the difference? Breaking news: your menstrual cycle is not your period, it’s 2 different things! There is so much confusion out there. This course makes it all clear and goes deep beyond, all the symptoms and causes related to your cycle. Truly it should be on every education program; thank you Keli for making this accessible.

  23. Karen Davis (verified owner)

    Menstrual Cycle Analysis

    This course was very informative and I recommend it to everyone who has completed the VSF certification. Great information for your toolbox to definitely help clients!

  24. Teresa (verified owner)

    Menstrual Cycle Analysis

    I’ve taking two courses at once and they are both fascinating! The information learned in these courses are super valuable! Once you become a VSF, I highly recommend that you keep going to become a Peristeam Hydrotherapist!!! Trust me!

  25. Natasha (verified owner)

    Listening to the Messages the Period Tells Us

    This course teaches you how to check the period for imbalances and Keli has created an awesome system to help you identify how to treat all the various imbalances that can occur with the period. Now I realize the connection of the period to my body/and my client’s bodies and how it’s basically our bodies talking to us. Now I know how to listen!

  26. Marisa Shearer (verified owner)

    Menstrual Cycle Analysis

    This course was absolutely fascinating! It brought the whole menstrual cycle to life and made each and every symptom have so much relevance and meaning. It made me realise how much I’ve ignored about my period and how important it is to record all the details as clues to helping me heal my ovarian cyst. I highly recommend it! Keli is awesome!

  27. Andrea (verified owner)

    Menstrual Cycle Analysis

    Great course, great information, large quantity of knowledge!
    Really helpful to determine the imbalances of womens cycles.

  28. Stephanie C Cosby (verified owner)

    Foundational Course

    This is incredible how Keli put together a system by which we can hone in on imbalances to treat by reading groups of symptoms. She did all the leg work of connecting the dots and then teaches us how to. So grateful!! It did take me 5 months to get through this course because it was packed and grading took awhile, also some uploading glitches…but worth the wait.

  29. Lindsay (verified owner)

    Eye Opening!

    This course has really transformed my view about the menstrual cycle and has given me a different way of looking at the way imbalances manifest that goes beyond the traditional allopathic model.

  30. Kathleen P., L.Ac. (verified owner)

    Semester 1, Peristeam Hydrotherapist Course

    The course is easy to work through in manageable sections, with good study guides and quizzes to focus learning. Keli presents the information with deep understanding and passion, and makes a warm connection with the viewer. Information rich. Supportive. Comments from various students and Keli below the course material illuminate and further educate. Course platform easy to use and navigate. Looking forward to more semesters! I’ve recommended the course to colleagues.

  31. Shanquila Sylve (verified owner)

    Menstrual Cycle Analysis

    This course is so detailed, I feel complete confidence in being able to help my clients!

  32. Dani Magaziner (verified owner)

    Menstrual Cycle Analysis

    WOW! This course is SO in-depth, and has given me such a detailed understanding of what we can be monitoring with our clients’ cycles. I love that the information is based (loosely) on Chinese medicine, because to me this gives it credibility — and that has been my experience when I’ve had the opportunity to take deeper dives with my clients (using the information in this course). Loving the foundation this is setting for the remaining courses in the Peristeam Hydrotherapy program.

  33. Kiyanna (verified owner)

    Awesome Course

    Very detailed and fun to learn. I absolutely enjoyed this course!

  34. Chantal Blake (verified owner)


    This course really boosted my confidence as a practitioner. I have a better “overstanding” of how the herbal blends suit the different menstrual presentations.

  35. Cynthia Rena (verified owner)

    Incredible Information!!

    I continue to be fascinated by this medicine and how much common sense it is once we become present with our magical bodies. This course made my love my body and look at my cycle as the beautiful gift that it is. It gives so much insight on how to correct our own and others imbalances. I can’t wait to put it into practice. Thank you, Keli!

  36. Melissa Hunter (verified owner)

    Eye opening!

    I learned so much about the variety of periods out there. I know quite a bit about my own imbalances, but this really helped me learn out to sort out what’s going on with people who have really different symptoms than I do. Very very helpful.

  37. Cathyann Ellison (verified owner)

    Menstrual Cycle Analysis

    This course has allowed me to connect and work with women in a way I was not able to work with them before. I love how easy it is to complete the assessment and have the results right away so I can make recommendations on the spot. This is an awesome tool that I now have in my arsenal of services to better help my clients and myself.

  38. Amanda (verified owner)

    Menstrual Cycle Analysis

    In depth and thorough class for analyzing the menstrual cycle! I learned so much. Even for clients that take the intake form, realize there are things about their cycle to track and pay attention to that they hadn’t thought of before.

  39. Jessica (verified owner)

    A great Foundation to cycle imbalances.

    This course is VERY thorough and is the foundation for being able to read a cycle properly. The assignments were particularly significant in really putting the information into practice.

  40. Nicole (verified owner)

    Totally worth it

    This class is packed full of information and provides a fascinating framework for analyzing the period. It helps make sense out of a series of sometimes confusing symptoms! I have loved this course!

  41. Erika Best (verified owner)

    Menstrual Cycle Analysis Course

    Loved this course so much! It goes in depth on each of the imbalances and gives one a thorough understanding and holistic view of a menstrual cycle. Recommend 100%!

  42. Adrienne Irizarry (verified owner)

    Comprehensive Understanding

    This course is fantastic for gaining a comprehensive understanding of each menstrual imbalance and the best approach to treating it. I feel more equipped to help my clients in a more meaningful way with the information in this course.

  43. zaire (verified owner)

    just in general

    a wealth of information

  44. Elaine (verified owner)

    Trained by the best!!!

    Keli and her team are amazingly amazing!!!! I can’t believe how much I have learned in this course. Extremely thorough and organized. A beautiful beginning!!! Watch out for this Future Peristeam Hydrotherapist . And to think I was only coming to learn for myself. Such an honor. Stop hesitating, Please do yourself this favor.

  45. Zhaleh (verified owner)

    Tons of great info!

    I’ve been steaming for just under 12 years but I began steaming with Keli 2 years ago. I learned more in those 2 years than in the decade before, but this course was like a feast for my nerdy brain. I knew some of the basics based on my own issues but it is so enlightening to learn of the many ways our bodies can communicate a need or an imbalance to us. It was equally as enlightening to learn some fundamental ways to carefully and mindfully rebalance our bodies! I can’t wait to take the next course. Thank you, Steamy Chick!

  46. NISSANY (verified owner)

    Kelli is amazing

    You will learn so much to begin Reconnecting with our foremothers Practices and naturally caring For ourselves.

  47. NIKA (THE VAGURU) SAMPLES (verified owner)

    My Experience with Steamy Chick

    Keli is the Queen of Steam! I love her choice to share her personal experience with Vaginal Steaming with all of us unknowing women. Learning about myself and other women from Keli is the most interesting part about my life! I have found my calling, honestly. I am able to serve and I’m doing something to save lives while enriching my own. I love the independent way Keli started her empire and I admire her focus and determination. The course was user friendly, easily understood, and the lectures were clear communicated effectively. The repetition of the lectures and the course work allowed me to retain the information and I highly recommend this to anyone interested in Steaming. Keli has paved the way. This is it! I am continuing my journey with SC by taking each course consecutively until I have completed them all. My goal is to be a Peristeam Hydrotherapist by this time next year! Thank you Kelz

  48. ALI PINION (verified owner)

    Well worth the money

    This was such a great course, and I learned so much great information. I did not realize there was so many levels to steaming. Thank you so much for making this information easily accessible!

  49. HEATHER BENTON (verified owner)

    Why didnt I know this before!

    I feel so blessed that I found this way of life. I can’t wait to share with my community. I have learned so much beyond what I ever understood about being a woman. Now I can perpetuate this knowledge for my daughter and then some!!! Mahalo nui Keli!

  50. BELLA LAUREN (verified owner)

    Five Star Review for Steamy Chick

    I am so thankful that I have found Steamy Chick, Keli and this course. She is very knowledgeable and through in her teaching style. She has done a phenomenal job at bringing this ancient healing system back to the modern world so women today can learn and benefit from vaginal steaming. We live in a time where we can not rely on the broke medical system, so it is timely that Keli has founded this course and her company to support the resurgence of these healing ways and empower women everywhere to heal themselves and share with their sisters. Thank You Keli. You are a modern trail blazer for Steaming! With Love and Gratitude. Bella

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