Oversized Yoni Steaming Blanket

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So beautiful, so soft, and so perfect for elevating the comfort and experience of your vaginal steaming practice. Wrap around the waist, tuck underneath the arms, or criss-cross over the shoulders for a halter dress.

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Chemical Free | Handwoven | Yarn dyed | Prewashed

70% cotton 30% linen

Oversized: 59 x 86.6 Inches / 150 x 220 cm, with fringes.

Smart Cotton – Premium Turkish cotton, astounding quality and both solid and delicate.

Fast Dry – These blankets dry in a blaze contrasted with conventional towels so you can bid farewell to soggy towels hanging in the bathroom.

Super Absorbent – For drying up the moisture of your yoni steam super quickly.

Finest Quality – Featuring the world’s best cotton. These peshtemal blankets are made utilizing age-old procedures.

Lightweight and scrumptiously soft. In fact, the more you wash your yoni steaming blanket/towel the softer and softer it will become.

Colors: Comes in vibrant mint and beautiful rose.

1 review for Oversized Yoni Steaming Blanket

  1. Kitara

    “Perfect Steaming Blanket”
    “soft and beautiful”
    – Julia M

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Kit Maloney is the founder of Kitara. She is an advanced Certified Vaginal Steam Practitioner with over two decades of experience as an activist and entrepreneur in the world of women’s health. She lives in a small town in Maine and she is driven by her mission of a yoni steam seat in every home, worldwide.

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