Disinfecting Herbs

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Best choice if experiencing active infections or viruses.) (Note: If you have short menstrual cycles AND infections then you should get both this blend and the gentle herbs.



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48 reviews for Disinfecting Herbs

  1. Chelsea (verified owner)

    Crime scene periods

    I started using Steamy Chick because I was having the worst period of my life. Not only did I see improvement after one month but it healed my reproductive life long cystic acne. I was completely blown away by how much this has helped me.

  2. Esther Iturralde (verified owner)

    the best feeling

    its my very first time and I loved everything about the herbs, beautiful and the smell very subtle yet amazing. I have had 3 sessions so far and I am a convert.

  3. Sierra S (verified owner)

    Yoni steam

    Absolutely love the results from each steam a true rejuvenation

  4. Melisa (verified owner)

    Love the herbs

    Smells beautiful –
    Soothing, Lucious steam –

  5. Diana Zuniga (verified owner)

    I love my herbs! I have been purchasing custom vaginal steam herbs for a few years and feel deeply nourished by the medicine.

    Thanks for developing a quality product that I will continue to buy.

  6. Peggy Hayman (verified owner)

    Disinfecting herbs

    This product is amazing and not only changed my life but saved me so much money! Last year even with very good insurance. I spent over $800 out of pocket to help clear up the problem of large amounts of daily vaginal discharge that required multiple pads to contain. My doctors were not able to help me with this problem. After a month of using steamy chick’s herbs I have the problem under control and feel clean and fresh again! I am 62 years old and am glad you can never be too old to learn new things.

  7. Aerial (verified owner)

    disinfecting herbs

    These herbs worked great. I had the start of a yeast infection and this completely resolved it within a few days.

  8. Ilima Pumphrey (verified owner)

    disinfecting and cleansing herbs

    Beautiful quality of herbs. I love the different aroma each gives off and fills my home.

  9. Nikole (verified owner)


    I have tried a couple of your products and they all have been amazing

  10. shyenn (verified owner)

    Best experience with herbal steaming

    I am a first time purchaser and let me just say, I will be continuing to order. shipping was fast and the communication from this company was great. i got the disinfecting herbs. I purchased this one and have seen better outcomes with Steamy Chick more than another brand i bought just to compare because I am new to this steaming thing. Thank you so much to this brand, you clearly know what you are doing.

  11. Sarah (verified owner)

    Love these herbs!

    Gorgeous herbs in eco-friendly packaging, I love the smell & experience of steaming with them. It makes it a whole beautiful ritual which feels amazing!

  12. S (verified owner)


    I used it for postpartum steaming. Omg, it was amazing! I seriously stopped feeling sore after my first steam!!

  13. Monifa (verified owner)

    My first steam

    My first steam. You were recommended to me and my results are great so far. It was an easeful menstruation after the steam and looking forward to doing more steaming.

  14. Felicia Tonge (verified owner)

    Steam herbs

    The herbs are the best thing that I use on my clients, they’ve all expressed how much they enjoy their steaming using these herbs.

  15. Lauren (verified owner)

    First Experience with Steaming & Positive So Far!

    I had heard about steaming but didn’t think much of it until I heard Keli interviewed on multiple podcasts. Instantly I was intrigued as a possible solution for my period cramps. With Keli being the expert, I felt the most comfortable purchasing through the Steamy Chick website as I familiarized myself with this new practice. The herbs smell fresh and amazing and the act of steaming is so peaceful and soothing. I’m a big fan already. I steamed twice before my period and although I still experienced cramps, I felt that they weren’t as severe. I’m looking forward to keeping up with regular steams to see additional benefits and changes in my cycle. Purchasing and shipping was fast and easy and I would definitely purchase through the website again. As suggested, I put the used herbs in the fridge to use for a second steam session and felt that they still smelled strong and potent! This gives you a little more bang for your buck!

  16. Mari (verified owner)

    Quality herbs!

    I knew of Steamy Chick well before my purchase and I’ve always been impressed. Then it came time to buy and I am so very pleased. The quality of the herbs are amazing. The information on the packaging is clear and concise and it came super quick. I plan on being a regular. You guys are the go-to!!!

  17. Jennifer (verified owner)

    Custom herbs for steaming

    These herbs are wonderful and I can see, feel, and smell their purity. The directions on the package were helpful and the packaging is great and secure. I love that this company has a variety of herbs that fit different needs and that they educate you on it so you feel confident on how to use them. I will definitely be purchasing them again! My yoni has been feeling great with the weekly use of the “gentle herbs” and I have the “disinfecting herbs” to use for whenever my yoni might need it. I highly recommend purchasing products from the Steamy Chick!

  18. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Custom Vaginal Steam Herbs

    I cannot imagine steaming without these amazing herbs!

  19. Tiani Gholar Pesante (verified owner)


    Happy HEALTHY Triumphant Tuesday!
    Grateful to have found Steamy Chick! Literally saving and enhancing the daily lives of me, my family, my community and tribe! Taking back my power, lost to the decades and centuries of mistreatment, miseducation, violation and ism’s against WOMEN!!! Mahalo with all my heart, mind and spirit!!

  20. Chaquita Cobb (verified owner)


    The Herbs are very great and really help me with my irregular cycle.

  21. Tiani Gholar Pesante (verified owner)


    Grateful to have found Steamy Chick! During these times to add such a powerful optimum health tool, to my treasure chest, there are no words. Now I get to pour into me consistently in a deep and fundamental way! The herbs are super rich and full of healing energy. Utilizing for steaming and Sitz baths. I have shared with so many and I will joyfully and gratefully continue. Mahalo Steamy Chick for these invaluable resources and connections! Mahalo to my sis for sharing! Eternally appreciative!

  22. hemalayaa (verified owner)

    Loooooooove the Fresh potent Herbs!

    I love this blend! They are rich, potent herbs — feel fresh and smell incredible, no perfumes or added scents….just pure and divine!!

  23. Jamira Tunatall (verified owner)

    Invitation review

    I’m not sure of what’s going on I’ve bean steaming for 7 months I may have let the herbs get to hot and burnt my clitoris and I’m so irritated I don’t know what to do the product are good but please tell me what can I do about this problem can’t run to the hospital the pandemic.

  24. Latora Coleman (verified owner)

    I love it

    So far all the herbs I’ve tried has been wonderful..I probably just try them all but I’m sure I won’t be disappointed… Thanks Steamy Chic

  25. Chris (verified owner)

    Custom vaginal steam herbs

    The custom steam herbs have worked wonderfully! I’m so grateful to have found this practice and Steamy Chick

  26. Alex (verified owner)

    Magical cure…

    I’m in my late 20s, and have been dealing with on and off infections for most of my adult life. A year ago I got BV that has just never went away. It got WORSE over time and I was losing my mind trying to find something to relieve the discomfort and treat it permanently. I spent thousands of doctors trying out new OBGYNs, including holistic practitioners. I did everything and anything. Tried every over the counter, prescription medication, and holistic remedy I found. I found steamy chick, and bought the disinfecting herbs. I used it the first few times, I’d say about a week and a half before I got my cycle, and I was super discouraged because I didn’t notice any improvement. Also my cycle was really off, it came later than it was supposed to, but was really short, and the PMS pain before was worse than most month. Then once my cycle was over my BV came back per usual. I started the steaming back up, once a day (for however long the steam stays hot for, prob 20-30 minutes), AFTER my shower and before I go to bed, to allow time for the herbs to work. It’s been a few weeks and I’ve noticed a HUGE improvement. I can wear underwear, I’m not insanely uncomfortable, and NO odor. I still continue to steam religiously. And probably will forever lol, but to think that this is what my body needed to heal is absolutely amazing.

  27. Charlotte (verified owner)

    Helping to treat cervical dysplasia

    This is my go to blend as I treat cervical dysplasia. I used the guide on the site to determine what was best suited for my condition. It’s smells really lovely and the packaging is readable and easy to store. I purchase this frequently as needed for my steams at home.

  28. Aria (verified owner)

    These herbs changed my life and are my favorite addiction.

    Plus they make your house smell delicious and put your body and surroundings in bliss

  29. Tara B (verified owner)

    Never Disappointed

    All of steamy chick’s herbs are incredible. The perfect blend for individual needs!

  30. Katherine (verified owner)

    Smells lovely

    I am not sure how effective they are since I’ve only steamed for one cycle but they smell great and I appreciate the time for reflection and connecting with my body.

  31. Trish Brown (verified owner)


    A year ago a friend of mine connected me with her friend that is an advocate of these product. I ordered the herbs and followed her instructions. Much like many black women, my fibroids make my monthly cycle horrendous. Since then I’ve noticed that my periods are less painful! Now I’m addicted.

  32. Sierra Jackson (verified owner)

    Steam Queen

    Learning to steam regularly after periods and so far this has helped. I tend to get bacterial and yeast infections so this has shown to release some of my discharge. I’ve only had 2 sessions .

  33. Davine (verified owner)

    I absolutely LOVE this product!

    I absolutely LOVE this product! My cycles have less clots and I don’t have to change my pad a nearly as often as I had to before. I’ve steamed twice after my cycle. Next time I will do it before and after. I have told every friend I know about steaming. Will definitely purchase again!

  34. Tiffany Grammer (verified owner)

    Smell of herbs

    I’ve purchased this product before but this new batch I’ve gotten the smell isn’t the same. It stinks when I’m boiling it. I was wondering if you guys used different herbs this time. The product does work however it’s just the smell that bothers me.

  35. Jody (verified owner)


    Nice aroma and works well

  36. Mariah (verified owner)

    Disinfecting Herbs

    I have had a really bad odor and discharge that I’ve been dealing with all of 2019, I’ve tried all kinds of things to get rid of it. When I ran across the Steamy Chick I thought I had found the solution.. after steaming 5 times in 1 month (more than the recommended use for yoni steaming) , I still have this horrible odor. I don’t know what to do.

  37. Mary (verified owner)

    Disinfecting herbs

    I am loving my experience with the herbs. They appear to be working for me and I look forward to my next cycle. I think the herbs are very good quality and I love this whole website and mission.

  38. DC (verified owner)

    Disinfecting Herbs

    Although I don’t believe that this product can get rid of BV like it claims to do so in 3 of the blog posts on this site, I do believe that it does something. I do notice that I have better flowing periods after steaming. If you suffer from BV, steaming in conjunction with other methods may offer some relief or maybe even a cure depending on the severity. I steam, use vaginal suppositories, and take probiotics vaginally and orally.

    My main complaint is the lack of consistency. The “formula” for the herbs never seems to be the same. I stopped ordering the 10 steam sessions to avoid the risk of being sent another bag of loose herbs without a resealable bag. I almost wanted to call customer service and give them a piece of my mind for doing such a thing, but I had a resealable bag from my previous purchase that I stored them in. I don’t know if that was a mistake or if that was intentionally done, but I would like to advise the company to please be a little more mindful and considerate of the customer when packaging the herbs. If you’re going to send loose herbs for the 10 steam sessions they ALSO need to be in a resealable bag like the other options or go back to packaging each session into mesh tea bags like before . I almost spilled the entire bag of the herbs when opening it and I was highly upset.

    Despite continuously being disappointed with the quality of the products I have been receiving I still highly recommend this product to all of my friends because of the first experience I have had, but every experience I have had thereafter has either been subpar or mediocre in comparison to my first experience.

  39. Meg (verified owner)

    Cleansing, disinfecting and cooling herbs

    All of these herbs are beautiful, high quality and get the job done! Cooling are super moisturizing. I don’t care for the smell though (smells like seaweed because of the Irish moss). Disinfecting and cleansing smell amazing!! Your kitchen will smell great while you’re simmering away. My favorite of them is cleansing though! It smells like roses, and the blend is just gorgeous to look at. It really gets your old residue out. I’ve noticed much more residue coming out during my period since using these herbs.

  40. DC (verified owner)

    I really just don’t know anymore.

    The first time I tried this product I had an amazing experience. I felt like I was being cured. The first time I purchased the 10 steam Disinfecting Herbs package. They came prepackaged in 10 huge tea bags. The first day I felt instant relief. I ended up getting my ph level down to 4.5 after the first cycle. My period came on and I even felt the difference with that. The blood flowed easier(no clotting and a healthy color red) and there were no cramps but once my period ended, what I thought was a cure had ended. The BV was back. I emailed someone and asked if that was normal because I thought in 10 days I would be cured. I was then told it usually takes 3 cycles even though the blog post I read on this site convinced me all it would take is 10 days. So I ordered more, but this time I ordered the 20 steam package, but I didn’t know that it would be loose herbs. The first time I ordered there was only one option, now there is the option to buy 10, 20, or 35 I believe.. But I figured it would be wiser to just order in bulk since I knew it would take 3 cycles. I am under the impression that the loose herbs are less effective because so far I am 2 cycles in and have not seen any results. I want to try again and order the 10 steam package, but I do not know if all the packages have been converted to loose leaf or if it is just the bulk packages. I’m just dissapointed and sad that this isn’t working for me. Idk, decide for yourself. I pray that you have better results than I.

  41. Karli (verified owner)


    Absolutely love these herbs, they have completely changed my life! Before finding out about Steamy Chick, I was having chronic Urinary Tract Infections and Bacterial Infections. After my what seemed like millionth round of antibiotics, I decided enough was enough. I had destroyed my digestive flora and immune system taking all of the antibiotic and was looking for a natural cure. I tried several different essential oil blends, herbal teas, detox diets, etc but had only been able to hold off the inevitable. I would always end up needing the antibiotics to feel relief. My friend through work mentioned that maybe I should try vaginal steaming because it had helped her regulate her period and she had read that many people used steaming to help with chronic infection. I am now on my second order of the disinfecting herbs and they are the absolute best. I have not had a single infection since my first steam session. Anytime I feel the slightest bit of discomfort, I just steam and it goes away. THANK YOU STEAMY CHICK for changing my life and allowing me confidence in my bodies ability to heal itself.

  42. Teresa Harris (verified owner)

    Cleansing & Disinfecting Herb Blends

    I recently purchased disinfecting herbs for two clients. One with recurrent yeast infections (she’s had them monthly for a year) and one with a herpes outbreak. The woman with the yeast infections did not have a yeast infection for the first time this month! Now, it’s hard to say if it was the steaming alone, because she was seeing an acupuncturist who gave her Chinese Herbs, but between you and me, I think it was the herbs. She did the steaming 10 days in a row for 10 mins daily and then a sits bath afterward. For the woman with the herpes outbreak, it was cleared up IN 4 DAYS! Record time! And that was only after steaming twice (I didn’t see her on day 1)!! The cleansing herbs I purchased for myself, and as I write this review I am enjoying a steam with them. I have nothing to report just yet as this is my first time with them, which is why I gave 4 stars and not 5. They smell wonderful!

  43. Moni (verified owner)

    Disinfecting Herbs

    I’ve only used these herbs for one cycle and my period has gone from 6 days to 5. Not to mention, they smell heavenly and really relax you!

  44. Megan Alvarez (verified owner)

    Gentle and Disinfecting Herbs

    Wow! These herbs are so fresh and their aroma is so strong and amazing! I loved using them and felt so relaxed after. They are helping my cycle as well.

  45. Ceecee (verified owner)


    I ordered two packs of Steam Cleanse to try. One was a gentle cleanse the other disinfecting cleanse. I wanted to cleanse after D&C Procedure. The product arrived promptly and looked very good. I am not new to steaming.
    My culture has practice it for centuries. I purchase steam herbs with another brand and both seems to have wonderful properities for healing. However, my product that I received from steamy chick came without a label. I contacted the company regarding the ingredients listed and I got pushed around. All I wanted to know what ingredients was listed on the product I received however the company refuse to give me that information. I am concern why the ingredients arent listed. Other steams out there seems to list the ingredients, but unfortunately at least the package I received did not. And getting help with this information from the company was a useless path.

    STEAMYCHICK RESPONSE: It’s true that the back label was not included on one of the two packages she ordered which was a mistake on our part. We tried to correct the problem with a courtesy phone call but the customer refused to provide her phone number. We then asked if she could call us but she
    also refused.

  46. Sara Guilbeau-Vallejo (verified owner)

    Talk about glorious!

    Every woman should be able to find relief from whatever ailment they are going through with their reproductive system. Steaming is a beautiful and empowering tool that I have found to be so helpful! After watching the video and reading up on all things on the website, I felt so much better about what I was doing for myself. Then after just the first steam, I felt a shift in my body AND mind. Being able to take care of old residue, cramps, infections, viruses and cysts amongst so many others, has truly made me a believer of steaming. Not to mention my period after was SO different. I am trying to extend my cycle first with the Gentle herbs and am also using the Disinfecting Herbs for maintenance. I am sleeping like a baby and not dreading my next period. I look forward to the steaming and seeing things shift and improve. Yay for Traditional Chinese Medicine and yay for Yoni steaming. Thank you for sharing these sacred practices like these that remind us we are all connected and capable of complete healing inside and out.

  47. Sultana (verified owner)

    Omg! Phenomenal!

    I purchased the Disinfecting Herbs and they are absolutely AMAZING!! I feel so refreshed and revived! I will definitely be ordering again! Thank you!

  48. Crystal (verified owner)

    Two cycles in and major changes to report

    I have used the Disinfecting herbs for two complete cycles and am about to start steaming for a third. I already have 28-29 day cycles, but since I was a teenager I started and ended bleeding with old brown blood. I had healed myself from the nine days of bleeding and debilitating cramps that I experienced in high school but still had days of spotty old brown blood for two or three days after the fourth bleed day. When I found out I had HPV two years ago, it caused me to take a much deeper look into what I wasn’t yet doing for myself, especially as I want to become pregnant soon. The first cycle using the herbs, I started with them on day five of bleeding and used them for two days until there was no old blood spotting. I noticed an overall feeling of cooling in my abdomen at that time and started steaming again 7 days before my next period was due. Normally, I start with one day of very light, brown blood but this time my normally 28 day cycle extended to 29 days, and I started with mostly fresh, red blood. Low and behold, for the first time in my life, I had a 4 day period. I started steaming again on day five and did not have any old brown spotting of the kind I’ve seen my whole life. Just fresh red blood to the end. I noticed this month that my ovulation fluid was tinged with the brown blood, so there’s still work to do and I start another pre-period cycle of steaming tonight. I intuitively knew this was a profound healing when I discovered it and am so glad to see the powerful herb blend working. Among other measures, I’m hopeful that the HPV will be gone at my next PAP. Get on it mamas, this is such a powerful tool for taking our health into our own hands.

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