Cooling Herbs

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Best choice if experiencing hot flashes, nightsweats, vaginal dryness or living in a very hot climate.



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14 reviews for Cooling Herbs

  1. Ashleigh Stevens (verified owner)

    Cooling herbs

    I was disappointed to find out after I purchased the big bag that they weren’t certified organic

  2. paige (verified owner)

    herbs for short cycles

    i’ve used this kind and the basic herbs she offers, they’re both great. my cycle is hanging around 27 days lately so i’m using these to try and lengthen it a day or two…. i haven’t got there yet but it seems like it’s helping a bit, pms stuff seems almost condensed closer to menstruation instead of feeling like it’s coming for over a week or more. i always look forward to when i get to stream!

  3. Sophia (verified owner)

    Great Product

    Great product. Great way to ease into steaming for a beginner.

  4. Herbs (verified owner)

    They do a great job

    I don’t really have anything to compare them to bc thus was my first time. But looking at the mix it looks well taken care of. And it did relieve my reproductive system and release negative energy. For real.

  5. Tiani Gholar Pesante (verified owner)


    Aloha and Mahalo!
    I am super grateful my sis found and shared Steamy Chicks’ with me. It has and continues to be one of my most valued tools I have added to my optimum health treasure chest! There are few words to communicate the appreciation I have for the wealth of information I have found in/on the Steamy Chick community/website! Mahalo Ms. Kelli for the work and commitment you have made towards women’s health!

  6. Stephanie Pollard (verified owner)

    Cooling Herbs

    I love everything about this product….from the packaging, to the smell, to how they make me feel. The sense of overall wellness after using them is AMAZING!!

  7. wyonette wallett (verified owner)

    steaming herbs

    Love all the fresh, beautiful and medicinal blends of steamy chic herbs!

  8. Shawna Helmuth (verified owner)

    Just as expected

    Good quality herbs, easy to use and feel they are working well for me.

  9. Audrey Fields (verified owner)


    Thank you so much for providing this much needed steam option.

  10. Amanda (verified owner)

    Love Steamy Chick herbs!

    I love the custom Steamy Chick herbs! The blends are thoughtfully created with skill and knowledge by Keli Garza. Complex yet finely tuned to support healing from which ever symptoms are presenting.

  11. Gillian (verified owner)

    Amazing product

    I purchased the blend for short cycles and it worked to lengthen my cycle to 28 days. The blend of herbs was beautiful and I thoroughly recommend.

  12. Marie G. (verified owner)

    Great herbs!

    The herb blend is great! The bag was a little difficult to open and reseal; it’s on there so good it’s hard to open. Other than the difficulty with the bag, very happy with the product. Herbs look and smell fresh!

  13. Sisi G (verified owner)

    Cooling herbs

    Awesome product no horrible smell of side effect will definitely be ordering again!

  14. Karen (verified owner)

    Disinfecting & Cooling Herbs

    I am amazed at the power of these herbs my pussy is feeling like the Queen Goddess she should be. Bravo! Bravo!

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