Attuned – Menstrual Cycle Remembrance Course


In this self-paced audio-guided course for deeper menstrual cycle awareness, erotic empowerment + self intimacy, students are held in a gentle space that inspires intimate connection with their somatic/spiritual experience throughout the cycle.

Attuned is intended to serve as a gentle and nurturing resource as you move through your monthly rhythm, inviting you to meet yourself through your precious body and to establish or deepen your feminine self-care practice. The Course offers lectures, musings, poetry, meditations + embodiment practices adapted to the different phases of the cycle in both spoken and written form, designed for a self-paced journey.

Sold By : Clara Lindorfer




The Course Curriculum follows the rhythm of the cycle; held and supported by the map of “the inner seasons” ~ spring, summer, fall and winter as mirrors for our menstrual nature. However, this seasonal template is used carefully to ensure that it does not become another limiting narrative that puts our individual experience into a box.

About the instructor:
Clara serves as a somatic coach, mentor + healing facilitator. Passionate about all things that bring us in harmony with earth, source and our own body – she feels most fulfilled when she get to hold space for deep self-intimacy. Her offerings are intended to allow for remembrance, homecoming and inner liberation.


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