MPJ Folding stool


Folding stool for women’s herbal steaming


We can confirm that this stool is really pampered and will make you feel pampered too. It’s invention and production were based on knowledge and feedback from women who are dedicated to herbal steaming and also on our own experience, so the use of the stool becomes a real ritual for you too.
It is designed to withhold as much steam as possible and in combination with the skillfully crafted opening for the steam, will support you in fully enjoying and fulfilling the intention of your ceremony.

Each stool is original in its own way because it is made of laminated birch wood and therefore each one has a slightly different pattern and color. We can offer you several variations.
Natural – without engraving, or with different types of engraving and cutouts.

Use of the foldable steaming stool is very simple. You can easily unfold it, fold it in a few seconds and carry it to the pace of the use. There is no need for any screwing and assembling of individual parts together. To carry it around when it’s folded you use the handle which is part of the stool design and you also can use a bag, that is included with your stool.
This feature will be appreciated by women who struggle with having enough storage space, women who are often on the go, but also women who provide support to other women (doulas, midwives, women who organize women’s seminars or evenings).

This was our genuine intention. Maximum functionality, practicality, consistency, easy cleaning, and all this in a unique and beautiful design.

Through our stool, we wanted to convey the feeling of care and pampering that every woman deserves. During her personal herbal steaming ritual, not only her body and soul should be caressed, but also her sense of beauty.

The appearance/design of the stool is protected by means of a registered Community industrial design and registered in the register maintained by the EUIPO.
Made by hand and with love in South Bohemia, Czechia.

Steaming stool MPJ is made from layered birch wood. The surface is treated with a varnish harmless to health (following the standard EN71), which protects the stool from humidity and allows for an easy removal of any sweat and steam residues. This ensures having it ready for your next use and its longevity. The stool is suitable also for professional use, thanks to its simple use and hygienic sustainability.

Technical details
Unfolded dimension: 450 mm x 340 mm x 360 mm
Folded dimension: 450mm x 410mm x 65mm
Weight of stool: 4.40 kg
Load capacity: 120 kg with static load.
The chair is intended for sitting only
Manufacturer: MPJ brand

Package contains:
– MPJ steaming stool
– Instructions
– Cotton bag for easy transport (the color of the cloth bag changes according to the availability of stock)
– A little surprise

The advantages of the folding steaming stool MPJ

• Folding and unfolding of the stool takes only a few seconds
• The stool comes as one piece
• It is suitable for home and professional use and practical for traveling
• Pots of different sizes fit under the stool
• She’s just pampered


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