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  • Postpartum

    Definition: Postpartum is the time period after giving birth. It is a natural time the body…
  • Uterine Fatigue

    Definition: Uterine fatigue is an imbalance where the uterus is tired and, as a result,…
  • Dryness

    Definition: Dryness is an imbalance where the internal body climate is dehydrated and dry.…

Steam Stories

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  • Steam User 631029

    Health Concern: Klimakteriebesvär med tunna slemhinnor och en nedsatt…
  • Steam User bt1998

    Health Concern: I was constantly having infections and my womb cleanses were long heavy.…
  • Steam User AF8291

    Health Concern: I was told in 2019 that I had 3 mm sized fibroids. I also would bleed a…


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