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  • Certified Steamcare Provider, CSP: Level 3

    Level 3 certification is the most extensive, highest-level training available on the topic of perineal steaming. Known as Peristeam Hydrotherapists, level 3 providers learn how to use steam as a natural form of obstetrics and gynecology offering customized steam therapy plans for numerous health issues. Using evidence-based research, the specific areas of steam therapy training include: abnormal uterine bleeding, infections, endometriosis, period pain, absent periods, long cycles, short cycles, irregular cycles, surgery recovery, surgery alternatives, fibroids, cysts (including PCOS), polyps, adhesions, menarche, labial adhesion, labor preparation, overdue labor, postpartum recovery, pelvic organ prolapse, fistulas, hemorrhoids, rectum issues, fertility, pregnancy loss, pain during sex, rape response, sexual trauma recovery, menopause and postmenopause. Level 3 steamcare providers are highly trained specialists who work with clients alone or in cooperation with their primary healthcare providers to offer holistic options for advanced health issues.

  • PH06: Vaginal Steaming in Situations with Stagnation

    Advanced steam therapy plans in situations with uterine residue buildup with emphasis on menstrual cramps, clots, pain and endometriosis.


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  • Uterine Stagnation

    Definition: Uterine stagnation is an imbalance where the uterus has old residue buildup…

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  • Steam User HD1996

    Health Concern: Endometriosis and many associated aches and pains, and well as trauma…
  • Steam User CM1992

    Health Concern: Endometriosis and gynecologist not being able to give me a natural…
  • Steam User 9A8E71

    Health Concern: Prolapse after vaginal birth, stage 3-4 endometriosis …


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