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  • Uterine Stagnation

    Definition: Uterine stagnation is an imbalance where the uterus has old residue buildup…
  • Menarche

    Definition: Menarche is when menstruation starts. On average it occurs at the age of…
  • Dampness

    Definition: Dampness is an imbalance where the uterus has excess mucus buildup. The…

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  • Steam User fc1973

    Health Concern: I was diagnosed with PCOS. As a result, I had a period only 3 times…
  • Steam User DFZ1986

    Health Concern: I was healing from sexual abuse that had resulted in several…
  • Steam User lm1986

    Health Concern: very long and heavy periods (up to 12 days each month), irregular…


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